Consort Medical plc is a leading one-stop developer and manufacturer of drugs and premium drug delivery devices. We partner with pharmaceutical businesses in providing innovative life improving treatments to patients across the world. Our business model is focused on providing an integrated service to our pharmaceutical and biopharma customers.

Operating in a growth market of increasing healthcare needs

  • Ageing and growing population
  • Growing developing markets
  • Clinical and technology advances

Understanding the needs of our customer as well as those of patients

  • Long history of global supply with a track record of building strong customer partnerships
  • Good customer service with established customer relationships and a diverse customer base
  • Customer feedback
  • Technology advances
  • Industry trends
  • Patient feedback
  • Commercial research

Delivering new product development and innovation to service current and new customers with premium products

  • Continue to develop our own product innovations through in-house Innovation Team
  • Remain committed to investing in new patient, clinician and customer-driven treatments
  • Proprietary injectables technology provides access to high growth biologics market
  • Benefiting from being an early provider of serialisation technology
  • Differentiated "one-stop" capability – devices and drugs

Manufacturing to the highest quality and regulatory standards

  • Health and safety
  • Quality control
  • Compliance expertise and experience with FDA, MHRA, ANVISA, Russia and Japan

Maintaining a culture of continuous improvement in manufacturing

  • Bespak – know-how and expertise to consistently deliver above Six Sigma quality for high volume regulated pharmaceutical components and devices
  • Aesica – mature brands and the ability to manage the complexity of multiple lower volume SKUs; high potency and controlled drug capabilities

Complemented with selective M&A and investments

  • Evaluate selective acquisitions and investments
  • Clear acquisition criteria
  • Targeting complementary opportunities that present attractive long-term shareholder value