Operating expenses before special items3(268.4)(254.0)
Operating profit before special items42.740.0
Special items6(20.9)(13.7)
Operating profit21.826.3
Finance income70.20.1
Finance costs8(3.2)(3.0)
Other finance costs9(1.5)(1.5)
Profit before tax and special items38.235.6
Special items6(20.9)(13.7)
Profit before tax17.321.9
Tax on profit before special items(6.6)(3.8)
Special items - tax65.44.5
Tax (charge)/credit10(1.2)0.7
Profit for the financial year16.122.6
Earnings per share, attributable to the equity holders of the parent
Basic earnings per ordinary share1132.9p46.2p
Diluted earnings per ordinary share1132.7p45.7p
Non-statutory measures:£m£m
Profit before tax and special items38.235.6
Profit after tax before special items1131.631.8
Adjusted basic earnings per ordinary share1164.5p65.1p
Adjusted diluted earnings per ordinary share1163.9p64.4p